WWII 1945: The Divine Wind: Kamikazes in the Pacific

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In the later half of 1944 the destruction of most of the Japanese fleet and its air arm left the Japanese Home Islands vulnerable to attack by the Allies. In desperation the Japanese navy proposed the use of "Special Attack" squadrons otherwise known as Kamikaze or "Divine Wind." These formations became the scourge of the Allied navies and because of their success, other deadly suicide weapons were developed .Please note this program will be presented virtually. Click the link to join via Zoom https://us06web.zoom.us/j/87875679366?pwd=OGRQdGFSWFBTRmY2akRFODVCWjJMZz09

Join Duane E. Shaffer for a discussion on the Kamikaze; how it was developed and used against the Allies.